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Inducement Does Not Require a Single Direct Infringer, Federal Circuit Now Says

Many owners of Internet patents must be rejoicing.  The Federal Circuit, in a 6-5 en banc decision, has overruled its precedent holding “that in order for a party to be liable for induced infringement, some other single entity must be liable for direct infringement.”  The Court explained “that all the steps of a claimed method […]

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Divided Infringement and Non-Infringement

A patent claim for configuring a “satellite” credit card of a main credit card was not infringed directly by any defendant, nor was the claim directly infringed by any third party, and therefore it could not be indirectly infringed.  Spendingmoney LLC v. American Express Co., No. 3:08cv1376 (D. Conn. March 27, 2012).  The claim of […]

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