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Online Terms and Conditions Are Usually Enforceable

Many commercial transactions are governed by online terms and conditions provided by one party, to which another party may be bound even if provided only with a reference or link to the online terms and conditions. This truth is illustrated by the recent case of Tuscany S. Am. v. Pentagon Freight Sys., No. 4:12-CV-1309 (S.D. […]

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Enforcement of a Click-wrap License Agreement

Consumers who casually, even blindly, accept “click-wrap” or “browse-wrap” license agreements will be bound by those agreements so long as the user had a reasonable opportunity to accept or reject the proffered license. A recent case provides a blueprint for how to offer, and then how to enforce, a click-wrap agreement. In Zaltz v. JDate, […]

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Enforceability of a Forum Selection Clause in a Clickwrap Agreement

Here are two cases that provide a further reminder of the power of clickwrap agreements, and that a party offering a clickwrap agreement can avail itself of that power only by properly presenting essential clickwrap agreement terms.  In Rassoli v. Intuit, Inc., Civil No. H-11-2827 (S.D. Tex. March 19, 2012), the court enforced a forum […]

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